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How does it work?

Once you’ve decided Subscription Designs is right for you all you have to do is signup to gain access to our convenient client dashboard. From here you can easily submit new design requests and track the progress of any existing ones. Within the client portal you’ll be able to submit files and communicate directly with your graphic designer to ensure your designs come out exactly as you dreamed them!

Is it truly unlimited?

Yes! Our one-of-a-kind client dashboard allows you to submit as many projects as you’d like! Each design takes 24-48 hours to complete with your designer working on a single project a time. As long as your subscription is active you’ll continue to receive a steady stream of shiny, new designs!

Who owns the rights to the designs?

You own all rights to the designs we create for you - you’re welcome to modify and/or resell them as you see fit! We have a number of clients that operate creative agencies while Subscription Designs does the heavy lifting for them!

How long do designs take to complete?

Projects typically only take 24-48 hours to complete. In the event that you have multiple projects in your queue but have a new/“urgent” design request simply note that you’d like your new submission to be prioritized when entering your request in the system.

Do you work on the weekends?

Of course! Time is money - we wouldn’t dare take that away from you! Even on occasions where our team has the day off (major holidays, for example) we ensure that your projects always make it to you within the 24-48 hour timeframe we aim for!

Are there any restrictions?

Very few! As long as your project request is a for a static graphic design we’re happy to create it! We don’t currently offer animations, 3d work, CADs or complete website designs. Feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page if you have any questions about what we can do for you before signing up!

Can I submit multiple projects?

Yes! Keep in mind that while you may have an unlimited queue your designer only works on a single project at a time - each project taking roughly 24-48 hours to complete. You are welcome to submit “newer” projects in to the queue and request that they be prioritized over existing projects!

Can you adhere to my existing style guidelines?

Of course! Because only a single designer is assigned to you they’ll very quickly learn what you prefer in terms of style and branding. You’re welcome to speed this process up by “teaching” your new designer what you prefer by showing them existing designs!

Are there any contracts?

No! Subscription Designs operates on a month-to-month payment schedule…there’s absolutely no commitment! Just know that designs are only worked on while your subscription is active! If you fail to renew your subscription but have active projects in the queue they won’t be completed until you become an active customer again!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your account is easy - simply log in to the client dashboard and click the “Cancel Account” button. You’ll be able to submit projects and communicate with your designer all the way up until your schedule renewal date (which will not renew).